Organic Vegetable Gardening in An Urban Setting

The parkdalegardener Livecast

Parkdalegardener is back on the air with The parkdalegardener livecast. I have yet to migrate it to the new studio over at TST's Launchpad but we are still taking your questions and comments live via chat window or video. I have lined up a few local experts for when we do move over to the studio and hopefully this will be soon. I have a surprise or two in the works as well.

Whenever we are live you will be able to watch and interact with me from here.There are no log-ins, accounts or other such impediments. When the show is not live the last recorded episode will appear in the viewer or you can hit the little menu button on the lower right of the video and click the tab to view past episodes of the show as I get them uploaded to the server. The chat box is always live and when I am online you may be able to get me through it to answer your questions.


You can access the live site page here where I will start to archive shows with our guests as well as past episodes of the old Urban-Gardener livecast.